21-Day SUGAR Detox

21 days to a leaner, cleaner, healthier body filled with energy, clearer thinking and a happier spirit!


In this four-week program, you’ll get the tools, support and accountability you need to:

  • Say goodbye to sugar cravings!  And hello to feeling great!

  • Get rid of bloating, gas, heartburn, and problems pooping

  • Have abundant energy, clearer thinking and a happier spirit

  • Jump-start weight loss so you look great in (and out of!) your clothes


What’s included:

  • Weekly coaching and question/answer sessions with Cheryle (5 total).

  • Detox protocol & explanations of WHY the protocols matter.

  • A guide to detox your pantry & fridge.

  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

  • Tips to optimize your time in the kitchen, eat on the run and make good choices at social gatherings.

  • Facebook (closed group) to connect with others, share recipes and tips, and get the support you need.


The Rules?

  1. No grains or dairy.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you notice improvements in your body when you eliminate these two food groups.  Digestive issues, bloating, foggy thinking, allergy symptoms and myriad other issues seem to magically disappear.  (I know this is a lot to ask, but I assure you there’s plenty of tasty, filling foods you can eat.  You WILL thank me for this later!  I promise!)

  2. Eat real food.  Not processed.  Not packaged.  Not preserved or dyed, or picked up in a fast food window.  Real stuff with names you recognize. (Yes, you have to cook; I’ll give you recipes and tips to make this easy!)

  3. Stay hydrated!  Hydration is key to everything.  No exceptions; everything!   (Tons of tips included!)

  4. Move!  You don’t have to join a gym or purchase anything fancy; just move.  I’ll show you how.

  5. Relax!  Stress screws up so much!  You can’t get away from it, but I’ll teach you ways to handle it so it can’t get the best of you!