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Cut Your Sugar Cravings - FREE Webinar!

For all the carb junkies who want to kick the habit, but can't figure out where to start.  You know who you are...  tired all the time but can't sleep, on fire or dying for a nap (sometimes at the same time!), with belly fat you can't seem to shed...   Yep, I'm talking to you!   Hop on the call & learn how to kick the habit so you can look and feel amazing!  You deserve it!

Register early and take a few minutes to complete the FREE "What's in Your Pantry?" checklist.  You might be surprised what you learn!   We'll discuss your findings in the webinar!   

(If you can't make it, register anyway!  I'll send a replay you can listen to anytime.)

Thurs., April 4th |     8-9pm      |    Online    |    Register

Yogurt with Fruit

Good, Better & Best Breakfasts

Join us for an interactive parent/child workshop, where you'll learn to make (and get to taste!) three super-delicious, easy-to-make breakfasts that are so healthy they'll keep your body and brain fueled all morning!   Simple enough that small children can make it themselves!    $15 per family.

Wed., April 10th |    6-7pm      |    Thurmont Elementary School    |    Register

Lunch Break

Awesome School Lunches

Join us for an interactive parent/child workshop, where we'll share simple, easy and delicious ways to help your child pack their own lunch.  Studies show that when kids pick what they pack, they're more likely to eat it.  So let's get them packing food they like - that POWERS them through the afternoon, with tons of clean-burning energy to help them learn and perform well.    $15 per family.

Thurs., May 16th |    6-7pm      |    Thurmont Elementary School    |    Register

Granola Bars

Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

In this interactive parent/child workshop, you'll test out some easy-to-make snacks your kids can pack for their trip to the pool or ball field.  The best part?  They're delicious and won't hype your kids up or give them cavities.  Won't it be great when they melt down or spoil their dinner with junk?    $15 per family.

Next Class Coming Soon!

Salad in a Jar

Salad in a Jar

Join us for an evening of fun and fellowship as we make 3 super tasty & healthy salads (in a jar!) you can easily pop into your bag and take for lunch.  We'll also make homemade dressings that'll make you never want to buy store-bought dressing again (the bonus: they're good for you, come together in seconds & require just a few ingredients you probably have on hand!)

* Please bring a smile and 3 quart-size Mason jars with lids!  Everything else will be supplied.

Next Class Coming Soon!