Brown Bag Lunch & Learns

Bring your lunch and come ready to learn.   You'll relax and eat, while I share practical, easy-to-fit-into-life strategies to help you eat, think and feel better.  You'll leave energized and armed with tips and tricks you can start right away.

Held the 1st Friday of each month, from noon-1pm, in my office.  Bring a notebook to keep your notes!


Winterize Your Immune System to Skip Colds & Flus Naturally!

No one wants to be sick!  But if your immune system isn't up-to-par, you know you're going to be!   Why not get ahead of it and feel great all winter?!  This class teaches you how through good food and simple habits that keep the 'ol immune system running optimally!

Monday  | noon - 1pm  | 1 West Church St.   | November 5, 2018

Stress-Free, Joyful Holidays!   Holiday Open House

As much as we want them to be joyful, sometimes, the holidays can be a source of stress!  Learn PRACTICAL TIPS to slow down and really savor the beauty of the season with the people you love!   Join us for some tasty nibbles, you can make easily, and learn some tips to keep the joy going all season-long!

Friday  | 5-7pm  | 1 West Church St.   | November 16th, 2018


Mindfulness - Eating with Intention - Because HOW You Eat Matters!

You know what you eat matters, but did you know that HOW you eat matters just as much?!  And that stress can rob you of nutrition and pack on weight, even if you're eating organic, super-healthy food?  Come learn how a few simple, totally free changes can make a huge difference in how you look and feel.    $25

Friday    | noon - 1pm  | 1 West Church St.   | Dec. 7, 2018

Stop Heartburn Naturally

Eating should be pleasurable!  When it causes heartburn, reflux, bloating and gas, life can be uncomfortable!   Learn what causes these symptoms,  why antacids and probiotics can make things worse, and how to heal your gut so you can enjoy eating!     $25

Friday    | noon - 1pm  | 1 West Church St.   | Coming Soon

Sleep Better!   Start Now!

Poor sleep can make you miserable!  No energy, trouble focusing, crankiness, mood swings, even weight gain & hormonal issues.  Fortunately, there is relief!  Learn what causes sleep issues, what to do when you can't sleep, and how to retrain your body and brain to return to normal sleep- for good!   $25

Friday  | noon - 1pm  | 1 West Church St.   | Coming Soon

Stop Headaches Naturally (No Meds Needed!)

Headaches are a royal pain!   Learn simple, effective ways to stop them through diet and lifestyle changes.  This is easy stuff you can do anytime, without breaking the budget!   And without a trip to the doctor, or nasty side-effects of medication!    $25  

Friday    | noon - 1pm  | 1 West Church St.   | Coming Soon