Eat Better.  Think Better.  Feel Better.

I'm passionate about making sure you have resources to live your best life.  Classes are a great way to learn more, while also surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  I offer a variety of ways to learn, and try to keep it short and sweet so you can get started, without a huge investment of time or money. 


If you're thinking about 1-on-1 consults, but aren't ready to commit, taking a class is a great way to get started! 

Bring your lunch and come ready to learn.   You'll relax and eat, while I share practical, easy-to-fit-into-life strategies to help you eat, think and feel better.  You'll leave energized and armed with tips and tricks you can start right away.

Held the 1st Wednesday of each month, from noon-1pm, in my office. 

Bring a notebook to keep your notes!

Workshops are a great way to take a deeper dive into a topic, so you have everything you need to know to be successful.  

They're 3-6 weeks in duration, with weekly lessons lasting 60-90 minutes.

Worksheets and notebooks come with each class.