Healthy FAMILY Package

Perfect if you:

  • Want to eat healthy food but can't figure out what is and isn’t healthy.

  • Feel too busy to make meals.

  • Have limited cooking skills or never learned to cook.

  • Are generally healthy but want to look or feel even better!

  • Want your family to help with meal preparation & planning.

  • Want to stop making different meals for everyone!



Cheryle comes to your home and works with the whole family to:

  • Hear what’s working and what’s not

  • Explain the basics of good nutrition (based on age, activity level, etc.)

  • Dig through the pantry to show you what’s good, what could be better and what you should throw out

  • Develop strategies to make peace with what is thrown out! 

  • Help you create a meal plan you can all agree upon!

  • Teach you cooking and knife skills (if needed)

  • Give you the support you need to be successful!!



Contact me for a Free 15-minute consult to discuss how we might best address your family's unique needs.