Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

No. Unfortunately, it's not possible to adequately address your nutritional needs in the timeframes allowed by insurance. And I'd need a staff to handle the extra admin work, which would drive up the cost to you. I can't guarantee it, but I do find that most insurers will reimburse if you submit your charges. If you'd like to do this, let me know and I can provide an insurance invoice for you. PLEASE SECURE A REFERRAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR if you'd like to take this approach.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Click here to schedule an appointment. Or go here to learn more about how a consult works.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please provide 2 business day's notice so I may open the time to someone who is waiting. Failure to provide notice will result in your being charged full price for your consult. So please give me a call in advance.

What do the letters behind your name mean?

  • MS stands for Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health. I studied at MD University of Integrative Health.
  • CNS stands for Certified Nutritional Specialist and means I'm Board Certified by the CBNS.
  • LDN stands for Licensed Dietician/ Nutritionist; I am licensed by the state of MD.