Stress Less!  Live More!

Don't just survive... THRIVE!

Stress is a beautiful thing!  It gives us energy, strength and forethought to protect ourselves from an attacker, run from a burning building, endure extreme temperatures, and a host of dangerous situations.   But when we’re constantly “attacked” by the stress of daily life (overwhelming schedules, relationships, finances, trying to raise great kids!), stress can turn us into a big, fat mess!  


Cravings.  Trouble sleeping.  Poor memory/focus.  Exhaustion.  Weight Gain.  Hypertension.  The list goes on!


But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In this 6-week series, you’ll learn simple, practical tips to make stress work for you so you can live a joyful, energized life in a body that looks great and functions optimally!  



6-7pm on Thurs. from April 19th - May 24th

     April 19th & 26th

     May 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th


Nourishing Abundance, LLC

1 West Church St., Frederick, MD 21769


Cost:  $125

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