Nutrition Consultations

Little known fact:  The majority of your immune system is in your gut!

Feeding your body REAL, WHOLE FOOD, just the way God made it, is your ticket to abundant health.

Nutritionally, I can help you to understand and manage diabetes, high cholesterol & high blood pressure, food allergies and autoimmune diseases. Building a strong immune system is key to addressing ALL of them.  

You have to eat!  Let's start there!   Because wellness depends on a healthy gut and I want you to be vibrantly well!  Full of energy.  Sleeping well.  Thinking well.  Loving life!  

Check out the packages below and these FAQs to see how I can best support you.  Or contact me here.

Sometimes, you just need to forget about the rest of the world and focus on you! If you're tired, bloated, trying to figure out the diagnosis the doctor gave you, or just trying to eat better, it's time for a 1-on-1.  Read more...

Feeding your family can be hard. Especially if there are food allergies, picky eaters, or if you and your other half disagree on what's appropriate.  But mealtimes can be easy.  Read more...