Healthy YOU!   One-on-one Nutritional Consults

One-on-One Nutritional Consultations enable us to examine your specific nutritional needs and goals, based upon your health history, lifestyle, kitchen abilities and budget. 


For example, you may want support to: ​

  • Address health concerns, such as acid reflux, diabetes, thyroid issues, insomnia, constipation; etc.

  • Identify and avoid food allergens or sensitivities, or

  • Eat well amidst a busy schedule. 


Each person’s biochemistry is different.  What works for one person, may not work for another.  Working together, we can identify what works best for you so you look and feel your best.


Click here for a one-page overview of What to Expect in a Consult

Scheduling a Consult

Making diet and lifestyle changes takes time!  We'll work together to create a plan that suits your lifestyle and abilities - and to fit it into your routine without being overwhelming!   Trying to do too much at once almost always fails!  So we'll implement small, attainable changes every couple of weeks, so you can master each before moving on to the next.  This enables you to be present and notice how your body (and mind!) reacts, so we can address any issues that've kept you from being successful in the past.  

Most clients find 3 months is the perfect amount of time to get what they need to succeed.  Those with long-standing chronic illness usually take longer.   When we have our initial consultation, we'll create a high-level plan and talk about what you can expect.

I'm also available to chat briefly if you'd like to ask questions or learn more before committing to an initial consult.