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Healthy Food & Household Items

I'm a huge fan of The Common Market and Mom's Organic Market in Frederick.  I do most of my shopping at the Common Market because they have a larger selection than Mom's but there are some things Mom's carries that I can't find at the Common Market.


And I must admit that I truly love Costco.  I find that they have a lot of organic foods, including some prepared foods that are actually healthy - and they have a great selection of wild-caught fish, that's individually frozen (super easy to pull out just what you need and a life-saver when you've forgotten to take something out & need to quickly defrost a dinner protein!).  

But if you can't make it to Frederick, or you're pressed for time, I truly love Thrive Market.  They're sort of  like the Costco of healthy food and household items.  You pay a membership, but you'll save that many times over if you use the service even a few times.  Here's a link to it: Thrive Market  I'll unabashedly admit that I'm an affiliate for them and get a small percentage toward my purchases if you decide to become a member.  But here's the cool thing:  YOU GET THE SAME INCENTIVE!!  So take a peek, see if it serves you, and if so, use this link to sign up.  It really is a life-saver when you have a busy week and are struggling to fit in shopping - and even more a life-saver if you're coming back from vacation and want groceries waiting for you when you get home.  They don't sell fresh veggies, it's more shelf-stable things, but they have lots of things I use regularly.  I imagine they'll have plenty you use also.