Stop Headaches Naturally! 

Headaches stink!  They make it hard to focus on all you have to do!  Instead of joy, you feel tired and run-down.  But there's hope!   Getting rid of chronic headaches can be done naturally, without medications that create other side effects (who wants to fall asleep when you’re already struggling to get things done?!!)


Life is short!  Don’t let headaches steal its beauty!


In this class, Cheryle will teach you simple, effective ways to quickly calm stress and tension headaches using budget-friendly techniques you can do anytime: breathing, massaging specific areas of your face & neck and eating the right foods. 


Kick back and learn to use your body’s wisdom to feel better quickly!


Wed.., April 4th from noon - 1pm EST



1 West Church St., Frederick MD 21701


Cost is $25 and Registration is Required

Registration Required